Visualizing and Preparing for an Installation
A good starting point is checking out This site has a kitchen visualizer that allows you to choose a kitchen layout, cabinet colour, flooring, back splash, and either quartz or granite countertops. This should give you an idea of which direction you want to go in. You can also view slabs on . When viewing their slab selections, keep in mind you want 3cm thick granite, and also look for slab length. If your longest countertop run is 117″, you want to make sure the slab you pick is large enough to avoid seams if possible. Most slabs are on average 115″-120″

Sketch out your kitchen and include measurements from wall to wall. Note things like, sink, stove, fridge, walls, raised bars and overhangs wanted.

Bring in your selections and your drawings to the shop and we will guide you through the decisions making process and provide you with an estimate to complete the installation. We will also discuss stone characteristics to ensure you get the right product for your family’s needs. It is also helpful to bring in floor, cupboard and paint samples to see how they work with different stones.

We then set up a date to template for your counter tops. At that time we will talk about edge details, added details that can spruce up your counter top and seam locations if necessary. It is important to have either chosen a sink from our shop or have your sink at the house so we can bring it back for completing the sink hole cut out. We require a deposit of 50% of the total estimate at this time so we can order stone and have it here ready to fabricate. If you want to speed up the process, you can offer a deposit while receiving your estimate at the shop.

After measuring, we will call you with a tentative installation date. Please keep in mind, we have no way of knowing if another job will hold us up, if our tools or truck will break down or life will happen. We do our best to not change dates as it affects everyone. Trust us, we want you to have your kitchen completed quickly, and be happy too!!

Homeowners must be present on the day of installation to inspect the job completed, discuss care and maintenance for your counter top, and pay the balance on installation. We try to install every counter top with a week of measuring and we will do our best to work with everyone’s schedule to get it done.

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